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Aspiring to new heights in aviation

Cape Fear Coastal Aviation was born out of two passions: flying and training. Once former police officer and sim enthusiast Ben Zucker connected with aviator and Flight Club president Rich Williams through a mutual friend, plans for a flight school began brewing. But it wasn’t until Cirrus approached the team looking for a partner on the field that the vision for Cape Fear Coastal Aviation came into focus.

Now we are proud to provide a customized next-generation, simulator-based approach to flight instruction. CFCA Flight School and CFCA Cirrus Training Center enable men and women of all ages to pursue their dream of flight safely and effectively. We are dedicated to getting you, our student, where you want to be, traveling along a path that’s best for you. The Motto that drives us is simple: “Your goals are our goals.”

Our mission

To train safe, competent, and confident aviators who can live out their dream of flying.

Our core values

The word aspire means to ascend and soar, or to seek to attain or accomplish a particular goal. At Cape Fear Coastal Aviation, we embrace this word as our foundation—we aspire to provide the ultimate aviation experience to our students and clients with a commitment to six core values. Here, we strive to live and work every day by these “ASPIRE” principles.


All employees will operate with a mindset of being able to adapt to each individual client, their goals, and their needs. This reinforces our “Your Goals are our goals” philosophy.


All employees will act in a safe and responsible manner. Each and every employee is a safety officer, regardless of where they fall in the chain of command. Therefore, all employees are responsible for the overall safety of our customers and other employees.


All employees will conduct themselves in a professional and responsible manner, with integrity and personal accountability.


All employees will strive to create a lasting positive impact on our customers, as well as on our airport and in the community.


All employees will act in good faith and always strive to go above and beyond what is expected by our customers.


All employees will strive for excellence in everything they do. The quality of our product is directly influenced by our ability to be the best at what we do.

Our staff

Ben Zucker

Owner & CEO

Rich Williams

COO, Commercial Pilot ASEL/ASES/AMEL

Katie Williford

Administrative Manager